Post Placement Support for Birth Mothers in Reno, Nevada

Post Placement Support for Birth Mothers in Reno, Nevada

Post Placement Support for Birth Mothers

After the hustle and bustle of your pregnancy and the months of being driven by the singular goal to get to that delivery room, you may find life after placement isolating and lonely. You’ve made the very best choice for you and your baby, but there will be times where you’ll wonder. Times you’ll want to talk about your experience and find a post placement support community for birth mothers. Doing this is a very important step to continued good mental health. 

Adoption Service Support Services

The very first place you can get started is by continuing to rely on the services that you’ve used through the adoption and placement process. Adoption Choices of Reno provides counseling services that don't stop after your baby has been placed. You can call us or contact us online to discuss the services that we offer birth mothers. 

You should also check with your local adoption service to see if they offer group support or have their own online communities. Not only will you be talking to women who’ve shared your experience, but you may also know some of the same workers or delivered in the same hospitals. Being able to share those stories will alleviate the sense of isolation and allow you to glean support from women who’ve been through it already.

Hospitals, Nurses & Doctors

Private practices and hospitals are also good resources to get started finding post placement support or birth mothers. You can also ask nurses or patient care coordinators if they have lists of local support groups if you want to get involved with others who share your experience. 

A good time to ask is at your post delivery follow up appointment with your medical provider. These appointments are scheduled a few weeks after delivery to make sure your body is healing and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Online Groups and Forums

Facebook and other social media sites are more great resources for connecting with both support and interest groups. They’re also the easiest to connect with. Open your social media and type “birth mother” into the search bar. You may be asked to share your story with the moderator to ensure that you’re a birth mother, but once you’ve gained entry, you can control the level of interaction you’re comfortable with. Some groups will be exclusively online, others may try to schedule social gatherings. The key is finding a community that makes you feel supported and meets your needs as a birth mother after placement.

A little internet searching will also result in Reddit pages, forums & blogs for birth mothers. These are participation optional resources. Reading a blog of another birth mother or following a Reddit thread is a way to alleviate the feelings of isolation anonymously. Once you feel ready to share your story, you can dive in or reach out to individual users. You could even set up a group chat through a program like Discord and invite users to your channel.

Churches, Temples or Religious Organizations

Churches or religious communities are another great resource. Many churches and temples offer counseling provided by the staff for free or very low cost as part of their normal operations. If you’re already a part of a religious organization and feel comfortable with pastors, rabbis and elders, this could be a great way to share your story, get support and doctrine based counseling.

Churches or religious centers often play host to community support groups as well. Finding a birth mother support group this way may be a little more work intensive than looking online but you can call the church offices to see if they have support groups meeting. Many religious centers do post event calendars online, so a little Googling may get you answers if you find yourself phone-averse.

Telehealth & Telemedicine

In the last five years, there’s been a rise in accessibility and quality of telehealth services for counseling and support. A quick Google search will result in multiple apps, websites and organizations that provide mental health counseling through text, email and video chat.

If you’re insured, more and more of these services are also being covered in part or in whole by insurance plans. Avid podcast listeners will also be able to track down coupon codes for many of these services and, better yet, the homepage of the app based services usually have a discount or trial period. 

Start Your Own Group

If options in your town are limited or not quite what you’re looking for, consider starting your own support group. You may feel that you have support to offer or that you want to build your own tribe from the ground up. If that’s the case, you can start your own group to gather birth mothers together for activities, emotional support or to share stories. If you’re active, think about a monthly hiking group of birth mothers in your area to get outdoors together. If you’re a coffee addict, you can drink as much coffee now as your body can stand, and maybe you want to spend time with other birth mothers who share your love for coffee at your favorite local shop. 

Starting your own online group or blog is another way to gather together women with like experiences who need to be heard. 

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