The Top 4 Myths about Intended Parents

The Top 4 Myths about Intended Parents

The Top 4 Myths about Intended Parents

As you’re getting ready to begin your journey as a gestational carrier, you may be going through the list of steps. You’ve gotten in touch with Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, you’ve had your background checks done. Now, it’s time to match with your intended parents. You may already have an idea of what you’d like to see in your match, or you may have no idea what you’re looking for. You may not even know until you meet them who your match is.

In any case, you may have heard some rumors regarding intended parents. Some troubling, some outlandish. Not to worry. As we have done in the past with gestational carriers, we will be debunking myths about intended parents. 

Myth #1: Intended mothers seek gestational carriers for cosmetic reasons

This is absolutely untrue, and would be very hurtful for an intended mother to hear. While there may be a small group of women who do turn to gestational surrogacy to keep their figure, you’d be hard-pressed to actually meet one.

The majority of women who seek gestational surrogacy do so because they have had trouble with conceiving. For some, they’re unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term. Perhaps they’ve suffered multiple miscarriages, or ectopic pregnancies. For others, they’re unable to conceive at all. It’s a heartbreaking experience for not only her, but her partner or spouse as well, if she has one. If these women could carry their own pregnancies, 9 times out of 10, have no doubt that they would.

Myth #2: The intended parents must be in the delivery room on the “big day”

If you want a short and sweet There’s no “rule” that dictates the intended parents must be in the room with you when you’re in delivery. This is, though, something that should be thought about as you prepare for the meeting with your potential match. Ultimately the decision is up to you, and what your preference is. 

Do you think you’ll be comfortable with having your match(es) in the room with you? Would you prefer to have your spouse or partner there? When you’re interviewing with your potential matches, be sure to add this to your list of inquiries. True, your match may want to be in the room with you. After’ll be giving birth to their baby. However, giving birth is no small feat. 

Myth #3: Intended parents will have control over the gestational carrier’s body

False, false, false! The agency that you’re working with will help you and your match negotiate any eventualities in the pregnancy. You and your match are matched for a reason. If they have any intentions on having control during the pregnancy, it will come through during the meeting process.

If that’s not enough to ease your concerns, remember: regardless of the situation, you will always be in control of your body. Your match can request that you make certain dietary choices, or that you get a certain amount of sleep, but they cannot demand anything of you. If you ever feel as though your match is becoming too controlling, it may do you both good to re-establish what you want out of this experience. It may also do you some good to have a mediator present in the event that things get too heated.

Myth #4: All intended parents are wealthy

This one is untrue, plain and simple. Though there are many instances of the rich and famous using surrogacy to grow their families, it is not something that is restricted to their tax bracket. While gestational surrogacy can be a tad pricey, there are many families who use gestational surrogacy through an average income. It can be done!

Gestational Carriers

When it comes to your gestational surrogacy journey, your comfort and happiness is of utmost importance, regardless of your role in it. If there is anything that comes up as an issue, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, and we’ll be sure to get things back on the right track. 

We’re there any myths about intended parents that you were surprised to see on this list? Any you were surprised not to see on this list? Leave us a comment down below!

If you’re ready to begin your gestational surrogacy journey now, please give us a call, or send us an email. We’re always happy to help anyone who is prepared to take their first step.

Be well and be safe, friends!

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