6 Common Questions Birth Mothers have about Adoption

6 Common Questions Birth Mothers have about Adoption

Let’s set the scene here for a moment. You are a new birth mother and you have no idea what that even means. You start your search on the internet for the answers and you land here on our adoption agency’s page. Welcome! You are in the right spot! 

As a birth mother, you probably have questions about what to even do. There is nothing wrong with that and it is actually expected. It is a new journey and you want to know as much as possible. So, we compiled a list of questions and answers to help ease your mind a little. It may not cover all your questions, but maybe it will hit the big ones. 

What are the most common questions birth mothers have about adoption? 

The Top 6 Adoption Questions from Birth Mothers  

  1. “Why should I work with an adoption agency?” 

This is a great question! Well, for starters on this, you are going to get guidance through the whole adoption process. That is our job, after all. Not only do we know the various laws and types of adoption, but we also have an overall idea of how to make your adoption journey as smooth as possible. 

However -- and this is important -- make sure the adoption agency you choose is creditable. Sadly, not all adoption agencies are created with the best intentions, but there is a way to figure it out. The two biggest red flags are: 1) if they are legally able to do adoption and 2) if they communicate with you. To learn more about our adoption center in Reno, check out our website and all that we stand for.

  1. “What types of adoption are there?”

There are three different types of adoption you can choose from! That’s right, you get to decide what type of adoption you want. The three types are open, semi-open, and closed. We have many articles for you to look at for more detail. You get to decide on the contact level you want with the chosen adoptive family and your child.  

  1. “Can I choose the adoptive family?” 

Yes! You get to decide on the family that adopts your child. You get to meet them and ask them questions before you actually decide too. This means you could meet a few different potential adoptive parents before finding who best matches your idea of the family you want. It is a little like Cinderella and the glass slipper. Just remember that you may never find the “perfect” family since no one is perfect, but there will always be the right fit. 

  1. “Who should know about my adoption?” 

That is up to you. It could be just you and your adoption caseworker. It could also be someone you trust in your life. If the birth father is present, you should let him know that you are considering adoption. It is important that you have a support person or team, though. Adoption can be a rollercoaster of emotions and you shouldn’t have to face those alone. It is why finding a support group or even counseling is often suggested. Maybe your family won’t understand, but there is someone out there that will. 

  1. “How do I know adoption is the right decision?” 

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that for you. What we can say, though, is if you have thought long and hard about it then it is the right one. This isn’t to say that making the decision is easy. Nothing can sugar coat that at all. It’s a very difficult choice for anyone to make, and that is something you have to think through. Take your time and see if talking to someone helps. 

  1. “How will I know my baby is with a good family?” 

Every family who wants to adopt has to go through many steps. The adoptive family you pick is the one who has gone through all the steps. There is the home study, background checks, and so much paperwork, but the adoptive families who come through Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno are good. You can have faith that the adoptive parents who come through our adoption agency are going to have your child’s best intentions in mind. 

Questions Birth Mothers have about Adoption

There are so many questions that a birth mother can have. No matter what is going on, take some time to do some research about our adoption agency. Take some time to collect yourself and do what you can to get all the information possible. Our adoption agency will help you to the best of our abilities. 

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