First Christmas as a Birth Mother: What Can You Do?

First Christmas as a Birth Mother: What Can You Do?

The holidays are coming, which means if you celebrate Christmas, that tree is going up and gifts are being bought. It’s a magical time of year where families come together and celebrate with food, games, and just being around one another. Maybe this time of year brings around watching Christmas movies, decorating the tree, or putting up the lights outside. No matter what you do for the holiday, one thing is obvious. You and the family get together. 

As a birth mother, it might feel strange for the first Christmas to come around. Now you have an extra family to be part of! 

So what can you do with your first Christmas as a birth mother? 

Baby’s First Ornament 

Many families have an ornate with the date, and it says “Baby’s First Christmas.” This is something that you could do too! Get one for your tree with your baby’s name as a way to remember and honor that part of your life. Better yet, though, why not get matching ones for you and your baby’s adoptive family? 

Having an open adoption means that communication is, well, as it says, open. Maybe talk to the adoptive family and see if they would like a matching ornament with you. You can either buy them or make them from scratch. Either way, it will be truly special to know that each tree has a piece of your adoption journey. 

If you want to go the extra mile on an ornament, customize it yourself. Have fun making the ornament(s) special and unique to you and your child’s adoptive family. Maybe both you and the adoptive parents love a specific film or book. You can always theme it to that for an extra amount of fun. 

Holiday Get-Togethers

Sadly, this Christmas during the COVID-19 pandemic will look a little different when it comes to holiday get-togethers. With the restrictions from the CDC, getting together in a large group is next to impossible. However, there is something you can do and still have fun doing it. 

You can have a fun video call with the adoptive parents. Share what has been going on and even show off the ugly sweaters. While it can’t be in person, it is going to be fun in the long run. 

Even having dinner over ZOOM is going to be something fun to do. This year while you may not be able to visit, you can have a good time. It is just going to look a little different. 

If you happen to be reading this when a pandemic isn’t happening, then a gathering at either home or a local spot is best. It allows you to come together and celebrate the fact that you are a family to one another. 

Gift Exchanges

One thing that can happen is a gift exchange. Maybe it can be between your family and the adoptive family. Another way to do it is to have a gift from you to the baby, and then the baby gives you a gift. There are endless ways to do a gift exchange that include everyone. 

Something to think about is making your own gifts. There are so many different options when it comes to gifts that it comes down to personal preference. Do you like more personalized gifts? Talk with your child’s adoptive parents and see if there is something they need or think your baby would enjoy. Even if he or she isn’t a baby anymore, find out what they like. 

If you can’t get together in person, remember that sending gifts through the mail also works. 

New Traditions 

Why not start a new tradition? Now is the time to think about new traditions to bring to the table. Maybe you can combine one from your family and the adoptive family. Creating something unique to you, your child and their adoptive family makes it special. No one else is going to have the same tradition as you, after all. 

It can be anything too. Maybe movies or games, or even just meeting somewhere and having a good time. It also doesn’t have to be during Christmas either! If you can’t meet up on the day of the holiday, pick a different day. That’s the beauty of making something new. 

First Christmas as a Birth Mother

If this is your first Christmas as a birth mother, then it can be an exciting time. If you have an open adoption, you can celebrate with the adoptive family and your child. It is a unique place to be, after all, and you have so much available to you. It is a wonderful time of year, and you get to experience it. 

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