Gift Giving to Your Adoptive Family: Birth Mother Etiquette

Gift Giving to Your Adoptive Family: Birth Mother Etiquette 

It’s the holidays and the time of gift giving. When you are a birth mother, finding a gift for your adoptive family can be pretty difficult. Mostly if you have no idea if they want one or what they would want. This is where communication is going to be key. Always ask if they are comfortable with a gift before you get them one. 

When it comes to your adoptive family and gift giving, you have a few options that you can do. Each birth mother is going to have a unique relationship with their adoptive family, and you are no different. Just keep in mind that every adoptive family is going to be different too. When finding the perfect gift, you have to keep all of that in mind. Also, when in doubt, contact us at Adoption Choices of Reno

What do you do with gift giving to your adoptive family from a birth mother perspective, though?  

Adoption Gift Giving 

Knowing what your adoptive family likes is going to come in handy here. Remember, do not put a financial strain on yourself when doing gifts. That isn’t what gift giving is about. Also, you do not have to give a gift if you can’t or don’t want to. You do have a few options if you want to and those are: 

  1. The Personal Gift 

Before you go down the path of making a personal gift for finding one, talk to your adoptive family. Communication is going to play a huge role in this because you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. A gift that’s too personalized can feel overwhelming, mainly if this is your first holiday with them. Things like a personalized baby ornament or embroidered baby blanket are great, but maybe that’s too much for the first time celebrating together. The important thing here is just to communicate and see if they are okay with a gift. 

Ask also if they would like anything matching with you. Perhaps you wanted to get a Baby’s First Christmas ornament for yourself. See if they would want a matching one with you. It makes a great new addition to both homes, if so. 

  1. The Store-Bought/Gift Card

Maybe you saw something that you think the adoptive family would love. For example, maybe you love your crockpot and want to give them one. Again, the key here is going to be to communicate with your adoptive family. Figure out if there is anything they really want to get. After that, see if you can afford it. If not, then don’t get it. That is when you can go the gift card route. See what stores they love and get them a gift card from there. It is just as meaningful and then they can get what they want. 

  1. Donations in Their Name

This year it is possible you can’t find a gift or don’t know what to do. Talk to your adoptive family and see if there are any charities they love. If they have one that you also think is good, then consider donating money in their name. Again, make sure your adoptive family is okay with this before you do it. 

Before donating to a charity look into it. See if there is anything else you can do for them. Some places want money and others will take new toys. It depends on what the charity is and what they do. By making sure you know, you can better help those in need. 

  1. Volunteering 

Never underestimate the act of volunteering. It can mean more to someone than getting a gift. Knowing you are out there helping out could mean the world to them. They have a baby now, and a baby could take time from their own volunteer work. Having you step in for them could make a great gift. Even just volunteering with them could make a great gift. It shows that you do care and want to support them as much as possible. 

Gift Giving to Your Adoptive Family 

Giving a gift to your adoptive family can be a hard task if you aren’t sure what to do. The best piece of advice is to talk with them. Talk about what you’d like to do and what you think you can handle. Communication is going to be key between you and your adoptive family. Once you have that down, finding a gift should be easy. 

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