How to Manage the Holidays as a Birth Mother

How to Manage the Holidays as a Birth Mother

Wherever you may be in the adoption process, your holiday season as a future or current birth mother should be filled with joy. At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we are determined to provide as many educational resources and guidance for you in each season -- both holiday and not. 

That said, it's that jolly time of year again and we want to help make this holiday season more enjoyable for you overall. To give you a better idea, here are our tips  on how to manage the holidays as a birth mother.

1. Stress is Not Your Friend

During pregnancy or the adoption process, the feeling that you have to accomplish all seasonal objectives can be overwhelming. While Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno encourages you to freely celebrate, we want to remind you to not take on too many burdens. However you can manage to feel most relaxed while enjoying yourself is highly recommended. Whether you're experiencing the stages of pregnancy, or simply getting used to being a birth mother, a healthy way to manage the holidays starts with honesty towards yourself. Taking a look at your journey and admiring the novelty of it can boost contentment and decrease stress. With this perspective, your exploration on how to manage the holidays as a birth mother will be more peaceful.

2. Keep Friends and Family Close

Taking on the role as a birth mother may not be a common lifestyle in a larger demographic, but that doesn't mean you should feel any obligation to isolate yourself. As your adoption journey remains unique, the holiday season should never be spent alone. Remaining in contact with family and friends is a great formula for encouragement and good self-esteem. 

Those whom you truly value will surely keep an eye out for your well-being. Everyone agrees that managing the holidays requires more than two hands. If you happen to be involved with an open or semi-open adoption relationship, contact with your child's adoptive parents is definitely included as an option. All in all, the community during the Christmas and holiday season can be a wonderful experience. Through gift exchanges to family gatherings, a sense of familial fellowship can brighten anyone's day.

3. Stick to Your Healthy Habits

It's a universal fact that a healthy body is a healthy mind. Regardless of your stage in your adoption journey, a respectable diet can go a long way. While this is all common knowledge, we choose to remind you of it, because a lot of healthy habits are prone to get lost in the holiday festivities. 

Keeping tabs on your healthy habits is highly encouraged at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno. With good sleep, exercise and nutrition, there should be no shame in enjoying your favorite holiday treats if the moment were to present itself. After all, the Christmas and holiday season is meant for celebration and joy. We wouldn't want you missing out on your traditions.

4. You in the New Year

While many people have the best intentions to reinvent themselves with New Year’s resolutions, it is essential that you find purpose beyond the calendar. There will always be a first of January down the line, but there is only one of you. Now, there is nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions. In fact, it is very noble to choose self-improvement. New Year’s resolutions only become a problem when an individual quits on his or her goal, hoping to pick it back up the next year. 

You are you, and any drive for accomplishment or improvement can be done today, regardless of the calendar. Your commitment as a birth mother in the adoption process shows a significant strength that isn't restricted by the days of the year. Any will you have to make a change can happen on any day.

How to Manage the Holidays as a Birth Mother

At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we are diligent to remain available for you at all times. Depending on the situation at the moment, a quick, supportive conversation with one of our adoption team members may be just the thing you need. From phone calls to texting, our staff is ready to speak with you. This luxury is designed to offer any kind of assurance that's necessary, which we understand may be needed more during this time of year.

All in all, like Christmas, adoption is a beautiful thing for families. Because of this, we want your holiday experience to be the joyful celebration that you were seeking. With all the advice we provided, we hope you find it of the utmost utility and have a wonderful experience with a bright new year.

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