How to Set Up an Adoption Plan as an Incarcerated Pregnant Woman

How to Set Up an Adoption Plan as an Incarcerated Pregnant Woman in Reno

How to Set Up an Adoption Plan as an Incarcerated Pregnant Woman

The job of a birth mother can take all types of forms. Depending on her situation, the adoption process may or may not be as easy to navigate as it would for another pregnant woman. For instance, if a pregnant woman is currently incarcerated, she may have specific concerns and questions along the lines of: How does the adoption process work from jail or prison?Is adoption difficult or possible while I’m incarcerated? and Where do I even start? 

At Adoption Choices of Reno, we will provide all the help you require to give your child to a loving family, even if you're incarcerated. There will be no judgment towards your current situation at our adoption agency. Instead, there will be complete compassion as you set up your adoption plan. Continue reading to learn more on how to set up an adoption plan as an incarcerated pregnant woman.

How does Adoption Work from Jail or Prison?

Just because you may find yourself under prison custody doesn't mean you are denied communication with an adoption agency. However you decide to reach out to an adoption agency, whether that be by yourself or through family assistance is completely up to you. Experience under incarceration can be exhausting, so seeking help from friends and family is not unreasonable. There's no need to worry if you don't have immediate help from friends or family, though. You will be assigned to an adoption caseworker who will ensure that all your needs are met and questions answered. 

To get a better idea of how adoption works from jail or prison, feel free to ask your adoption caseworker about other incarcerated adoptions. Anonymous anecdotes can help you know what to expect. For instance, how much involvement you can have throughout your adoption journey and what your hospital experience will look like when it’s time for you to give birth. 

Is Adoption Possible from Jail or Prison?

The prospect of being incarcerated may be daunting and overwhelming, but that doesn't mean you can't have contact with your child and his or her adoptive parents. Even while you face time in jail or prison, adoption is still an option for you. You will have full control over your adoption journey and be able to select the adoptive parent who will raise your child. Your options do not change and your rights as a soon-to-be birth mother are very valid and available to you.

So, yes. Adoption is very possible, even from jail or prison. Our adoption agency and your adoption caseworker will be sure to help you in the best way we can, and work with the proper jail or prison authorities to ensure that you have a positive and empowering adoption journey.

How will I Choose and have Contact with the Adoptive Parents from Jail or Prison?

With the help of your adoption caseworker, you will be provided adoptive parent profile books to review. If you have specific requirements or wants for your child, and the life you envision for him or her, be sure to let your adoption caseworker know. They will take this into consideration when choosing what adoptive parent profiles to show you.

This will allow you the opportunity to choose the adoptive family you believe is best for your child. It may surprise you that you can still be involved in the adoption process while incarcerated -- but you can! With coordination from your adoption caseworker and our adoption agency, you will have the chance to choose the adoptive parents and, depending on the type of adoption you choose, maintain contact with them after the adoption has been finalized.

How to Set Up an Adoption Plan as an Incarcerated Pregnant Woman

Whether you are an incarcerated pregnant woman, or discovering you are pregnant right before serving your time, adoption is very much an option for you. What’s more, you will have full control over your adoption journey and the decisions you make as a soon-to-be birth mother. This includes choosing the adoptive parents and having contact with them after the adoption has been finalized.

If you feel that adoption is the best option for you and your baby, we are here to help you every step of the way. You will receive nothing but compassion, respect and support through Adoption Choices of Reno. You are important to us, and we promise that your child will be placed in a safe and loving home.

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