single parent adoption

Single Parent Adoption Success Story

Single Parent Adoption Success Story

There is something magical about adoption. As more time has passed, single parents have been gaining traction. While not the most popular option, there are some amazing things about picking a single parent to be your child’s adoptive parents. In the end, your child will always be loved. There are so many ups and downs though in the process. Be it not meeting the right birth mother on the first try or having to be patient. 

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t success stories, though. At Adoption Choices of Reno , we do our best to make sure your adoption process is as smooth as possible. To give you an example, we want to share Kimi’s journey and how it became their adoption success story. 

Kimi’s Start

Kimi always knew that she wanted a family. She just hadn’t found Mr. Right yet. After much debate about if she could do this on her own, she set out on the path of adoption. Mr. Right would have to wait, if he was out there. 

Adoption Choices of Reno had the privilege of gaining insight into their adoption journey. 

Kimi’s Journey

TK: Was adoption always your first option in the choice to grow your family?

K: That’s actually a funny story. No, it wasn’t my first choice. It was on the table, but I think most people have this dream of wanting to have their own baby. It took a few years for me to realize maybe the method just wasn’t going to work out. I hadn’t found Mr. Right yet, and I was getting tired of waiting. There was just this drive to become a mother on my own that I couldn’t ignore. 

That was when I started to look into adoption. I know, traditionally, people do this with someone like a partner or spouse. I had my family’s support and my work family’s support, which, to me, was just as amazing. 

TK: Can you tell me about the process of adoption from your point of view?

K: Of course. The start was finding the agency that worked best for me and my needs. It might have been one of the hardest parts. Not every agency is thrilled to know you are single. After that, it was a matter of filling out paperwork and applying, which, in my view, was one of the most nerve-racking moments. You fill out the application and then you wait. Once you are approved, you aren’t in the clear just yet. Something that they don’t tell you is that when you decide to adopt,  you have to then do classes. I took 30 hours of classes to start this journey. I actually ended up asking my mother to take them with me. This was my journey, but I felt it was just as important for her to know what I was going through. Looking at it now, I think it really helped her understand why I wanted this. 

The home study was something I can laugh about now. It was so stressful at first, though. You have this idea that you have to be perfect. Well, as I found out, perfect isn’t an option. It’s a long process, but the agency walks you through everything. My mom and I learned so much during this time. 

One of the last steps was setting up my profile, which potential birth mothers would see and help them decide if I was right for her or not. It was really intimidating. It was like applying for a job without knowing what the job was. You really have to sell yourself, but also make sure it is authentic.

After that, you wait.

TK: What were you feeling after going through the process? Do you have any advice for single parents looking to adopt? 

K: Waiting was the hardest part. There’s too much time to worry. Doubt. What if no birth mother liked me? What if I never get matched up? Yeah, waiting is enough to drive you crazy. 

If we could offer any advice to parents waiting it would be simple. Make sure you have a really amazing support group behind you. I had my family and my work. I had to let my work know that I was going to be a parent. You have to work with your job and family. It might not be easy but it is important to get them both on board. That way you have a support system. Without a support system, it is really easy to feel like you are drowning. 

That would be the biggest thing I could say. Make sure you have a support system in place. 

Kimi’s Adoption Success Story

Kimi now has a beautiful daughter. While the road was long and a little bumpy, she is one of many success stories out there. Love is love and, no matter what at the end of the day, they are a family. Being a single parent is different, but love knows no bounds.

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