Abortion or Adoption: How to Make the Most Well-Informed Decision as a Birth Mother

Abortion or Adoption: How to Make the Most Well-Informed Decision as a Birth Mother 

If you just found out you are pregnant, then this can create a sea of emotions. There is nothing wrong with having a sea of emotions right now, though. It is natural and understandable. You aren’t a bad person or doomed. You are a person -- and as a person, you are bound to have things happen that you aren’t expecting.

This topic is really hard to talk about, though. Abortion or adoption? It is a hard thing to figure out, and abortion is a really hard topic to talk about. In fact, it typically gets so much heat that it can feel like walking through a landmine, just waiting for one to go off. Yet, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, deciding what you want to do is an important thing to consider, especially when these two options are among them.

How to Make the Most Well-Informed Decision as a Birth Mother

1) Privacy 

Many women fall into the trap that an abortion is something that you can do and no one will be the wiser. With adoption, even when you try to keep it on the down low, it seems like everyone has to know. The truth is, that isn’t the case. Both options can be done with only you and the people you want to know -- a trusted friend or family member. 

Unlike abortion, though, with adoption you’ll have an adoption caseworker, the potential adoptive parents and other professionals there to support you. None of these people will tell a soul if your wish is that everything remains confidential.  You are in control of the adoption process and have the right to your privacy.

2) Mental Health 

It’s no secret that both adoption and abortion come with their fair amount of stressors. Each one has its own challenge when it comes to mental health. However, that doesn’t mean that they both don’t have positive emotions too. 

  • Let’s take a look at abortion first. Some of the common emotions are hope, grief, regret, relief, and depression. There are a fair bit of negative emotions that come after an abortion, but each woman is going to be different. You may never feel a negative one or you could feel everything at different times. The choice to have an abortion isn’t easy, and anyone who says it is probably has never had one. 

In many places around the United States, you cannot just go in for the termination procedure, as each state has its own laws regarding abortion. You will most likely have to talk to someone about your choice first, and listen as they offer you other alternatives. This is only to make sure that you are 100% confident in your choice. A professional will then help you understand what is going to happen during the procedure and how to care for yourself afterwards. If no one is helping you, it is in your best interest to leave and find another doctor if you can. Remember, your safety and health are important if you choose to terminate your pregnancy. 

  • Now, let’s look at adoption. There is a truckload of emotions that come with choosing to place your baby for adoption. Joy, depression, regret, relief, hope, and excitement are just a few. If you chose adoption, it is highly recommended you talk to a mental health professional too. This can be an adoption counselor or your general behavioral health therapist. The important part is that you work with someone who can help you process your emotions. 

In the end, make sure you consider your mental health too. Pregnancy can change how you view life and how you choose to handle things, so it is important to take in all your options before you make a final decision. We want you to feel confident, assured and empowered -- no matter what you choose. 

3) Finances 

Perhaps you are worried about finances in the long run with a child. Can you afford the doctor’s visits and other medical expenses that come with being pregnant? This is where you should really sit down and talk with a credible adoption agency -- like Adoption Choices of Reno. We can help you figure out if adoption is the best choice for you and your baby and provide financial assistance where we are able to.. 

Remember, finances are going to vary from state to state and even county to county. Make sure you talk to an adoption professional who can help you sort out your situation and help answer all of your questions and address your concerns. 

Abortion or Adoption

When it comes to deciding what to do for you, you have to think about all the options. We can’t tell you what to do. What we can do is be here to help you with your choice. Remember there is no right or wrong answer here. Know we are Adoption Choices of Reno will not pressure you into adoption if you do not feel comfortable. We understand that only you know what’s best. The choice is always going to be yours. 

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