Top 3 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month

Top 3 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month

Wait. There’s a whole month dedicated to adoption? Yes! November is National Adoption Month, and don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about it. Many people still don’t know about this beautiful world, but it’s our job here at Adoption Choices of Nevada to help spread the word about this side of the world. 

What is National Adoption Month, though? Well, it is when we take a look at all the reasons adoption is a fantastic thing. Not just that, it is to celebrate the families out there that took part in the adoption process and the birth mothers who decided to walk this path. Just like you! 

Just why should you recognize national adoption month, though? We have the top 3 reasons here for you. 

1. Honoring Families 

Honoring families is a massive part of this month’s goal. This isn’t just for the adoptive parents or adoptees, either. This includes the birth parents and their journey as well. Everyone is included in this as you can’t have one without the other. That is why everyone should be recognized. There is no use in hiding any factor in adoption, as there is no shame in it. 

There are plenty of families out there that exist because of adoption. From couples to single parents who wanted to start a family. It doesn’t matter how they came to be but that it was adoption that brought them together. 

Just how do you honor a family? Well, you could do a few things like read up more on adoption. As a birth mother, maybe you are still learning, but you can still honor the families. Keep an open mind and dive into learning more about the world of adoption and who chooses this process. Your story may not look like someone else’s story, and that is perfectly okay. 

If you have the means, you can donate to your local adoption agencies. If not, see if they need some volunteers to help out. All this is going to be a way for you to honor families by just gaining more information. The more you know the better you can start spreading information. 

2. Spreading Awareness

Can you spread awareness all year long? Of course, you can! 

Share what you know with others. Adoption is something that goes on every day, and so many don’t even notice it. You don’t have to shout the heavens that you chose adoption if you don’t want to. Share information on your social media posts. It is a great way to get information out there to the masses and quickly. 

Using apps like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are all great ways to share information. Get links to your agency or other agencies out there. Share the agency posts during this money (and any month if you want to keep the momentum going) and add on your thoughts about adoption. 

If you feel comfortable, get your story out there. It may help another birth mother who is struggling with her own choice. Sometimes, people just need to know that they aren’t alone in this journey. You know better than anyone that this journey is full of ups and downs. 

If it is possible go to events with other people. During COVID-19, it might be hard to do these events but maybe see if there are any virtual ones. The key is you want to be safe and if that means meeting up on a zoom meeting then go for it. By using these tools, you can help spread awareness and information quickly. 

3. Inform People

Informing people is one of the biggest steps you can take during this month. People are aware adoption exists, but maybe they think it is only through the foster system or orphanages. Teaching people that adoption is more than the Hollywood version is important. 

There is this stigma attached to adoption that birth mothers are “giving up” their children. But, that isn’t what is happening and the language has changed. Now we use the term, “placing the child for adoption.” A birth mother never just gives up on her child. That isn’t why you chose adoption in the first place. A birth mother is putting her own wants and feelings behind that of the child. An act that isn’t selfish or heartless at all. 

By informing people that there are real people with valid feelings, it helps open up this dialogue of questions. With the questions come the answers that help people learn more. You don’t have to ask strangers these questions either. Start with your family and friends. Here are some questions to get you started: 

  • What is the first thing you think of when someone says adoption? 

  • What is the image you get when someone says birth mother? 

  • Who do you think a birth mother is? 

  • Why do you think someone would place their child for adoption? 

  • What do you know about adoption? 

  • If there was anything you wanted to know about adoption what would it be? 

There are many more things to ask others when talking about adoption. Find what works best for them or see if they have any questions for you. As a birth mother, you are going to be learning about: the agency, how the agency works, how adoption works, and all the details that many people don’t have the chance to learn. 

Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month

As November rolls around, keep an eye out for more people talking about adoption. Share the posts on your social media and let people hear your voice. You don’t have to tell your story unless you want to. Just sharing information is bringing awareness, and that is amazing! You are a part of why National Adoption Month is celebrated, and we want to celebrate you too. 

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