What You Need to Include in Your Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother?

What You Need to Include in Your Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother?

There are many things that you can’t control during this whole adoption process. You can’t control how easy your pregnancy is going to be, or that there could be a pandemic causing troubles everywhere. What you can control though is your adoption plan. If you are someone who loves to be in control then this is where you get to make all the choices that fit you. 

It is your voice that matters here because you are the one having the baby. This journey is going to have its ups and downs but there are a few things you can control. The goal of your adoption plan is to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with this choice. We here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, want this process to go as smoothly as possible for you. 

What do you need to include in your adoption plan? 

The Adoption Plan

What is the adoption plan? It is what it sounds like. It is your plan for how you want your adoption process to go. There are things that are out of your control like state laws but most things you are going to have a say in. If not the final say. So, what goes into a plan? 

  • The type of adoption you want to have 

  • The type of family you’d prefer 

  • Where you are giving birth to your baby 

  • The people you want involved in your adoption 

  • Where you are going to get your support from 

  • The agency you are going to work with 

Those are to name a few of the very important things you should have in your plan. Your plan can be pages long if you want or as short as you think it needs to be. There is no right or wrong length to a plan after all, but what matters is you get the important details down. 

Let’s dive into the topics and why they are so important. 

Type of Adoption 

If you aren’t aware there are three types of adoption out there. Each one has its own benefits and it boils down to your comfort level. Every woman is going to be different and the choice has to fit you. Don’t be afraid to talk to your agency about the options though, or even your adoption counselor if you have one. 

  • Open adoption is when communication is done without the agency’s involvement and can include pictures, texting, phone calls, visitation, and more. 

  • Semi-Open adoption is when communication is done strictly through the agency. There isn’t any visitation but pictures and letters are done. 

  • Closed adoption is when there is no communication at all. 

Those are the options. You have to pick which one you feel makes the most sense to you. Recent studies have shown that open adoption leads to better mental health as a whole, but that is a choice for you. Your comfort has to come first at the end of the day. 

Different Adoptive Family Types

You are always going to be able to choose the family for your child. Your agency is going to give you different profiles that match your adoption plan. Which means you do have to think about the type of family you’d like your child to be in. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your thinking: 

  • A family that already has children 

  • A family that is wanting to start their family with one child 

  • Interratical families or races different from your race 

  • Different sexualities than yours or rather part of the LGBTQ+ community 

  • Do you want someone who lives in the big city or more rural?

  • Would you mind a single parent or do you want a couple? 

There are many options and you don’t have to pick them all right away. In fact, this can change but make sure you talk to your case worker too. No matter the type you will also have to ask each family questions. Don’t worry, we got you covered on where to start with questions if you aren’t sure. 

Who is Involved with Your Plan

You get to say who is going to be involved in your plan for the most part. What this means is who is going to be there for you. Is your family going to be there or are you going into this without them? This is going to be your support section. Make sure you know where your support is coming from even if that is just your case worker. 

You will not, and should never, have to do this alone. If you are alone, and that means the agency isn’t helping, run from that agency. No legit agency will leave you high and dry during one of the hardest parts in life. 

Here are some things to think about. 

  • Do you want the birth father involved? Is he in the picture or not? 

  • Do you know where your support is coming from? 

  • Do you need help finding support?

  • If you don’t have a counselor to talk to do you need help finding one that understands adoption? 

What You Need to Include in Your Adoption Plan

Your adoption plan is a truly important document that not only will help guide you but also help make sure things are going as smoothly as you want. If you’re in doubt about something you want, ask your adoption caseworker to help you. It is what they are there for, after all. Your adoption plan is just as important as your hospital plan and your plan for what you are doing to do after the baby is born. Take some time to make your plan and get a feel for what you truly want. 

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