The Pros and Cons of LGBTQ Adoption

The Pros and Cons of LGBTQ Adoption

The Pros and Cons of LGBTQ Adoption

“The power of love is that it sees all people.” ― DaShanne Stokes

We live in a world where the LGBTQ community has really started to grow. There has been so much great change too. As a birth mother, you may be wondering what it would be like to have a same-sex couple raise your child. So far, it is still out of the norm, but it is becoming more and more common with each passing year.

It is alright to be a little uneasy about the unknown, too. You’re in good hands. We want to ease your anxiety and make sure that you are confident when choosing adoptive parents for your child. If you are looking at potential adoptive parents, and some of them happen to be members of the LGBTQ community, then we hope this list about the pros and cons of LGBTQ Adoption helps ease your worries and gives you insight into the possibilities your child could have.

Pros and Cons of LGBTQ Adoption

These are just some of the pros of having a same-sex couple or individual as your child’s adoptive parent, and is not, by any means, a full list. At any rate, we feel that these top three pros are excellent things to be aware of when considering LGBTQ adoptive parents


  1. Open-mindedness: Our society is an ever-changing place. Same-sex couples and individuals are becoming more popular as new laws and options come into play. Your baby is going to be part of a world that changes, so having an open mind is good. By having two parents of the same sex, your child will get the opportunity to learn that being different isn’t a bad thing. That differences are, actually, what make people unique. Now, this isn’t saying that your baby couldn’t learn this with a heterosexual couple. But, your baby will have a front seat to learning this with a couple or individual who is the same sex. There won’t be any hiding it.

  2. Positive Development: There used to be this image that children raised in houses with a couple or individual of the same sex didn’t develop positively. Some people, sadly, still think that way today. However, it isn’t correct. Children who live in the house with same sex adoptive parents develop like any other child would. In fact, he or she is often more open-minded, able to stand up for themselves better, and able to talk about their emotions a little better. There is also the added benefit that if your child ends up being part of the LGBTQ world, they won’t have the fear of coming out like many children do with heterosexual families.

  3. A loving home: Many same-sex couples go through the same challenges to adopt a baby that heterosexual couples or single parents go through. This also means that their journey to adopt makes them just as loving. The couple or individual who adopts your baby is going to love your child with all of their hearts. Isn’t that what a family is? People who love you no matter what? Your baby is going to be loved, supported, and, if you chose an open adoption, you too can be in the picture.

Just like any list, there are going to be cons stating why something shouldn’t happen. With this list, though, we wanted to give an outlook on ways that a con can help someone grow. Yes, they are still cons, but they are not-end-of-the-world worries. Every adoption has cons, after all.


  1. Judgment: There are people who do not understand how same-sex couples can exist. This may mean that your child could face judgment just because of who their adopted parents are. However, they are not the only adoptee who could face this judgment. Transracial or single parent adoptions are likely to face it, too. What it comes down to, though, is that there is nothing wrong with being different. Family is more than blood and DNA. It’s about love. So, it’s important to be aware of this and learn how to be more open-minded.

  2. Assumed to be LGBTQ: Is it a con? In a way, it can be, because not everyone who is raised in a same-sex household is going to be LGBTQ themselves. This could get more annoying than anything, honestly. With this, it will likely help your child understand their sexuality and gender expression more. He or she could easily be more confident in who they are because people assume that they are LGBTQ.

  3. Bullies: Possibly the biggest con is right here. Bullies are just that -- bullies. Now, this typically happens later on in life, during school age. It can be done before with outside activities, though. What is important is to know that while bullies exist, the adoptive parents may have gone through it themselves. They can help your child work through what is happening and teach them how to stand up for themselves better. No one wants to be bullied, and you can’t predict if it will happen or not. However, if you are worried about it, talk to your child’s adoptive parents about how they would handle a situation like this. Get their input. See if your ideas and their ideas match.

Should You Choose LGBTQ Adoption?

The choice is fully up to you. At the end of the day, what matters most? A family. A family who will love a child with no conditions and give him or her the world. Love is what makes a family and that love doesn’t have to come from one mom and one dad. It could come from two moms or two dads. Love is love, after all.

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