The Strength of the Adoption Triad

The Strength of the Adoption Triad

The Strength of the Adoption Triad

Did you know that the triangle has the most tensile strength of all of the geometric shapes? Triangles evenly distribute weight because all sides are technically bases. So, since no side experiences more stress than any other, all three bases and joints support the others.

Adoption is represented through a triangular symbol called the “adoption triad” as there are three parties involved with the process -- birth parents, adoptive parents and the adoptee. When all parties are able to love, support and appreciate each other, they can lean on the others and form lifelong bonds to share the weight of their joint experience. This is why families within the adoption industry are referred to as “the adoption triad.” Three individual experiences become one shared, stronger relationship.

Three Becomes One

Part of understanding how your adoption journey as a birth mother will unfold is knowing the strength of the adoption triad, and how it will impact your life once you place your baby for adoption. Our agency is here to help you learn as you move forward.

Birth Parents

The first base of the adoption triangle is the birth parents. Without the birth parents, there would be no triad. No child to place for adoption -- or child at all, for that matter. Choosing adoption isn't easy, but that act of love is the first point that links these experiences together.

When you choose adoption for your child, you are forever linking yourself to the adoption triad as the birth parents through your love and the sacrifices made on your child’s behalf. While your child may not be raised in your household, nothing will change that you are their birth parent. You will always be connected to him or her. In the same way, you will always be connected to the adoptive parents you chose to raise your child. The power of your initial choice, sacrifice and act of love will forever transform their lives for the better.

Adoptive Parents

The second base of the adoption triangle is the adoptive parents. As the chosen caretakers for your child, they are linked to you, the birth parents, and the adoptee through the process of adoption.

Their love that the adoptive parents have for the adoptee comforts, strengthens and supports your decision as a birth parent. Their choice to adopt, love and care for the adoptee allows your child to have the life you’ve always wanted for him or her. These adoptive parents can be from any race, ethnicity, culture, religion or sexual orientation. They can also either be a single parent or a couple. That part of the adoption journey is entirely up to you. But no matter who they end up being, or what kind of relationship you have with them, you and your child are forever linked with the adoptive parents through the strength of the adoption triad.


Finally, at the very top of the triangle, is the adoptee. The child who was placed for adoption by you, the birth parents, and welcomed into the home of the adoptive parents. Both you and the adoptive parents share a dream for your child. That dream, and the love you both have for him or her, links you all together through the adoption process and strengthens your connection to the other the more your relationships -- together and individually -- grow. 

The child is the pinnacle of the adoption triad because, without him or her, there would be no adoption process. This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s important to take note of it and truly let the power of that thought sink in. Your child is the reason that adoption is an option. You are the reason that an adoptive parents’ dream of family can be realized. The adoptive parents help shape your child into who they became, and give him or her their best chance at life.

Three become one.

The Strength of the Adoption Triad

When considering adoption, it’s easy to get focused on the role of one person or party in the adoption process. The difficult choice of the birth mother may be most prominent to some, or the adoptive parents may be what draws the focus because their narrative could be full of heartbreak and triumph. The reality is that no one experience exists in a vacuum. In each adoption, the three parties: birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptee, merge together and completely share the experience.

Three parties that all come to the adoption table in different ways become one with love, support and appreciation in the beautiful act of adoption.

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