How will I Feel after My Baby is Adopted?

How will I Feel after My Baby is Adopted?

As the adoption and pregnancy journey creates milestones that are unique to your situation, you may eventually find yourself asking a difficult question: How will I feel after my baby is adopted? Contemplating the emotions you may experience after an adoption may seem like a challenge that could be put off for another day. At the same time, it’s only natural that you’d want to know what to expect after your baby has been placed with their adoptive family. 

With this article and the resources from Adoption Choices of Reno, we will guide you through the emotions you can expect to feel as a birth mother after placing your baby for adoption. Learning what these feelings may be and how to evaluate them before they arrive will set you on a healthy path for your mentality.

Gratitude with Finding Your Child a Loving Home

When thinking about the reason you chose adoption in the first place, you are likely to be thankful for the process. Circumstances in your personal life may not be well suited for raising a baby. Feeling grateful is a widely embraced emotion by many birth mothers, especially when they have chosen their child's new family. When you see your child placed into the arms of his or her adoptive parents, all anxiety will drop from your mind. With adoptions being designed to bless both adoptive parents and birth mothers, your gratitude will be shared equally with your baby's adoptive family.

Feeling grateful for your baby's new home may come with some ups and downs, and that is completely natural. After all, life rarely comes with one constant emotion, even if they are positive. Your situation isn't any different. Adoption is a monumental time in any birth mother's life, and the emotions you may  experience will fluctuate. Yet, at the end of the day, knowing that your child has been placed with a loving, caring and supportive adoptive family will fill your heart with gratitude and affirm that you made the right decision.

Increased Self-esteem after Your Child's Adoption

You did it! You made it through the adoption process. Your child has been born and placed with their new adoptive family. After months of making difficult decisions, creating your adoption plan, selecting your child’s adoptive family and planning out you and your child’s future -- it’s all over. Even though you experienced a roller coaster of emotions going through it, you can now see how beneficial everything was. You feel like you just climbed a mountain -- and understandably so!

When you reach this point in your adoption journey, it’s important for you to reflect on how far you’ve come and feel proud of everything you’ve accomplished. This increased sense of self-esteem is very beneficial and will help shape how your outlook on life as you move forward. Not only will it make you feel successful, but it will also help you feel secure and confident in your decision to choose adoption. Your child is safe, happy and healthy. They have the chance now to live their best life with their new family, and will always be cared for. What an incredible feeling!

Regret with Putting Your Child Up for Adoption

As much as we want our birth mothers to feel happy, we can never guarantee your own emotions. Feelings after an adoption may be unpredictable, but it's what you do with them that matters.

It is not far-fetched to say that a birth mother may regret putting her baby up for adoption, and instead, wished she had been able to keep him or her. If you feel this way, always keep in mind why you chose adoption in the first place. A home that provides safety, hope and love is a life every mother wants for her child. That’s exactly what you have given them through choosing adoption. You did what was best for you, and your child will grow up happy, healthy and safe because of your selfless and brave choice.

There is no shame and no lie that can define who you are as a woman and birth mother. The love for your child is evident. We will always encourage you to seek what can truly define you. To let go of whatever regrets you may have. Knowing your baby is safe will always help you move forward and bring you peace of mind that you made the right decision. Feeling separated from your baby is something we hope you don't experience. Your new family here at Adoption Choices of Reno will be at your side to diminish any unexpected anxiety.

How will I Feel after My Baby is Adopted?

While we have seen numerous adoptions that have blessed many families, we never forget the emotions of the birth mother. With bravery being a key part in the adoption process, emotions, such as anxiety and regret, should also be addressed. As overwhelming as they may be sometimes, remember, there is no amount of shame in the world that can redefine your love as a mother. Over time, you will see more and more how blessed your child was to be yours in the first place.

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