Birth Parent FAQs

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Birth Parent FAQs

Providing Answers to Questions about the Adoption Process

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or feel you're not ready to be a parent, you might consider making an adoption plan for your child. This is a big decision, and you might not be familiar with what the process entails. At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we are here to help you understand the process and feel confident in the choice you make – whether or not you continue with it. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about adoption and our services.

If you want more information, contact our compassionate and supportive team at (775) 227-5277. We are available by phone 24/7 for birth mothers.

Make an Adoption Plan for My Child?

An unplanned pregnancy can come at a time when you're not financially ready or not living in an environment that will facilitate a healthy pregnancy or safe birth. Whatever your reason, you might decide to make an adoption plan in order to do what is best for the baby and for you. When you choose adoption, the baby will be placed with a loving family who can provide the care they need.

What Is My Role in the Adoption Process?

At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we recognize making an adoption plan for your baby for adoption is a big decision, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice. You have a tremendous amount of say in the adoption process, from choosing the adoptive family (if you wish) to deciding on a birth plan. Our adoption counselors will also be by your side at every step in this journey, providing compassionate guidance and support.

What Role Does the Father Have in the Adoption Process?

Whether or not the baby's father is involved in the adoption process depends on your specific situation. If you don't know who the father is or he can't be found, we can speak to you about the options. However, circumstances vary depending on each situation. At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, our team will learn about your circumstances and discuss your particular situation.

Will the Baby Go to a Good Home?

At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we run a thorough background check on the adoptive family. We also require that the family provide us references and proof of financial stability. Additionally, a social worker will conduct a home study and evaluate the family's home. You can also choose the baby's adoptive family.

Can I Meet the Adoptive Parents?

The decision to place your baby into adoption may be based on doing what is best for them. You might want to meet the adoptive parents to ensure the baby is going into a caring home, and you are more than welcome to do so. Going through the services of Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, you can also choose the adoptive family.

Can I Contact My Child After They're Adopted?

Whether you maintain a relationship with your child and the adoptive family after the adoption depends on the type of adoption you choose. You could decide to have an open adoption, which allows you to stay in contact with your child. However, there is also a closed adoption option, which means the records are sealed, and your identity, as well as the baby's, will remain anonymous.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

The process is free for birth mothers making an adoption plan. If you need financial assistance during your pregnancy, we offer support so pregnancy related expenses are covered, such as groceries, phone services, and transportation.

I Can't Afford Medical Care. What Should I Do?

At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we work with high-quality medical providers to help you and the baby get the prenatal care you need.

Who Can Help Me Through the Process?

We offer comprehensive services throughout the adoption process. If you have questions or concerns, our counselors will be by your side to provide answers. Additionally, we are available by phone 24/7 for birth mothers, which means we're here to help when you need us.

What Should I Do If My Family Doesn't Believe in Adoption?

We understand that different families have different values, and some may not be supportive of making an adoption plan. We also recognize that this decision is your own, which is why our counselors can help you talk with your family about your choice. We can provide information on what the process entails and help them understand why you feel that this is the best decision for you and the baby.

How Can I Keep Others from Finding Out I'm Pregnant?

You might not want your family, employers, or others to know that you're pregnant. Our team is sensitive to your wishes, and we will provide our services to you with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

If you have a question that is not listed here, or you want more information, our team can provide detailed answers about the adoption process and our services. Call us at (775) 227-5277 or contact us online.

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