How Does Adoption Work?

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How Does Adoption Work in Nevada?

An Overview of the Adoption Process

If you are pregnant and are considering whether to place your child for adoption, you likely want to know how the adoption process works. The first thing to know is that the process differs somewhat from state to state. Additionally, there are several different types of adoption, which can similarly affect the process.

At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, we are here to guide you throughout the entire process from start to finish. As a trusted agency, we have helped many birth mothers and expectant parents navigate this process, providing answers to their questions and addressing their unique concerns every step of the way.

Here, we’ve provided an overview of how adoption works in Nevada so that you can have the basic information you need to make the right decisions for yourself, your child, and your future. No matter the option you choose, we believe that this should be solely your decision—no one else’s. Regardless of the choice you make, we are here to provide you with compassionate support and knowledgeable guidance during this difficult time.

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What is An Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan helps you think through the steps and details of an adoption before you are in the midst of it all. This allows you to think about the answers to difficult questions that you are likely to face in the adoption process. It is important to remember that parts of the plan could still change depending on the situation. Some things you might make decisions about include:

  • How open the adoption is, and the various decisions that stem from having an open adoption
  • Creating a profile to help choose an adoptive family
  • How you want the birth to go (such as if you want pictures with the baby, if you want the adoptive family to be there, etc.)
  • Post-birth interactions with the adoptive family, which relates to the openness of the adoption

Making the decision to place your baby for adoption is already difficult. Having to think through the process in detail is not any easier. Do not hesitate to contact us for help if you are thinking about putting your child up for adoption.

I Just Found out I Am Pregnant. Now What?

If you have just learned that you are pregnant, and the pregnancy was unplanned, you are likely feeling a wide range of emotions. You may be wondering what to do next. The choices you make now will have a significant and lasting impact on your own life, as well as the lives of many others.

First and foremost, if you have just learned that you are pregnant, make an appointment with a qualified medical professional. Your doctor will be able to confirm that you are pregnant and can provide you with your due date. If you are not sure how to find medical care, please reach out to our team for assistance. As part of our comprehensive services for expectant mothers, we offer assistance in finding medical care.

Your doctor will also recommend things you should begin doing, as well as things you should immediately stop doing—such as smoking and consuming alcohol—to protect the health of your unborn baby.

“Should I Place My Child for Adoption?” Things to Consider.

If you have decided not to terminate the pregnancy, your next decision is whether to place the child for adoption once they are born. This is an important and often difficult decision; there are many things to consider when making this choice, but the most important thing is that this is completely your choice and your choice alone.

Some things to think about when choosing whether or not to place your child for adoption may include:

  • Your ability and desire to care for the child in the next nine or so months, as well as the next 18 or more years
  • Your current goals, including educational goals, career goals, and life goals, and how caring for a child might affect those goals
  • Whether your goals have changed since you learned you were pregnant and, if so, what they are now
  • The costs associated with supporting a child and whether or not you will be able to manage those costs now and in the future
  • The role of the father in the child’s life, including what role you want the father to have, what role he wants to have, what role he will realistically have

What Happens If You Choose Adoption?

Depending on your unique situation, concerns, and goals, adoption may be the right choice. You may choose to place your child for adoption in order to provide them with a more stable financial future or a more secure home. You may wish to avoid missing out on educational and career opportunities that could be jeopardized by raising a child. You may simply not be ready to be a parent right now—and that's okay. No matter the reason you choose adoption, if it is the right choice for you, that is what matters.

Before your child’s birth, we will work with you to find an adoptive family and begin building a relationship with them. Our team can also assist you in obtaining prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, provide you with a safe place to stay if you are in crisis, and coordinate with the hospital to help ensure that your concerns and expectations are met. We can also provide comprehensive assistance to ensure that all of the legal aspects of the adoption are properly handled and finalized.

After the adoption is complete, our team is still here to provide you with ongoing support. We understand that your needs do not simply go away once the adoption is finalized; from post-birth medical care to continued support counseling, we are here to make sure that you are in a healthy, positive place in your own life well after the adoption is complete.

We Are Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno is a trusted agency in Reno, serving birth mothers and expectant parents throughout the area since 2010. We encourage you to reach out to us today with any questions or concerns you may have about the adoption process, how it works, or what you can expect.

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