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Jeff and Colleen

Aloha! Thanks for checking us out! We’re Jeff and Colleen and we are sending love, support, and long-distance hugs your way.

On behalf of the many hopeful adoptive parents, thank you so much for your all-around amazing-ness. No matter what you decide, you are a superstar in our eyes.

We met 10 years ago and hit it off immediately. While on our first date, we planned an epic second date for the very next day. We’ve been inseparable since. (Sappy but true…) Five years ago, we married in Las Vegas. Colleen’s mom is a life-long Elvis fan and it rubbed off. Forty of our friends and family members flew out to celebrate with us. We drove into the ceremony in a pink Cadillac where "Elvis" officiated and sang three songs. It was both hilarious and magical!

We are two teachers (K-12) who make a living teaching the arts we love. Our careers are rewarding and fun. Our greatest hope is to add a new adventurer to our love-filled home and family.

Please know that we would love for YOU to be a central part of this adventure. We would be honored to support and share this journey with YOU throughout this child's life. Again, no matter what you decide, we send you all our best wishes and love!

XO Colleen and Jeff


If chosen as an adoptive family, we promise to share our deep love and enjoyment of life with your child.

We are completely committed to supporting your child’s individual needs, talents, education, and healthy growth. We promise to be a guiding, loving presence at all times. Good times will be celebrated together, and hard times will be met with unconditional love and assistance.

As parents, we will support your child to grow into the person they want to become. We pledge to help your child explore their passions and pursue their own unique interests.

If you select us to raise your child, we will honor the terms of an open adoption that you define. We will approach every step in this process with kindness, thoughtfulness, gratitude, love, and warmth.


"Colleen and Jeff are a perfect team, full of light, love, and positivity and I can say without any doubt they will make the most incredible parents in the world." - Friend

"Their love is evident, their zest for life, and their constant quest for creativity and fun make their home one of the happiest I’ve ever seen." - Colleague

"Jeff and Colleen are a great team and have a very loving marriage. They will easily work together to raise a happy and well-rounded child." - Family

"Their love for each other is obvious to those that know them. Sharing that love with a child will complete them." - Friend

"My children are better people because of the things Jeff and Colleen have brought to their lives. They’ve taken our kids to Water World, snowboarding, and taught us all how to make donuts." – Family


We both have generous and loving families. This past year, Jeff’s parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, and Colleen’s parents celebrated their 56th. Traveling to visit family provides opportunities to explore a great mix of climates as our siblings, nieces, nephews, and parents live in both Colorado and Florida.

My Amazing Family, by Jeff:

My parents are the most loving and patient people I know. I couldn't have asked for better! Growing up, they never raised their voice to me or each other. They taught me patience and to tackle life with a sense of humor. Perhaps the most valuable lesson they taught me was to treat all people with respect.

I was raised alongside my younger sister and my brother. Both now married, my sister lives in Southern Florida and my brother and his family reside in Georgia. Colleen and I are so excited to meet our new nephew soon; my brother is expecting his first baby, a boy!

My Fantastic Family, by Colleen:

I grew up in New Jersey, just an hour away from NYC. As a family, we took cross-country road trips every summer, all the way from New Jersey to California. So, I got really used to spending time with my siblings. My older brother and sister are amazing!

Now, my immediate family lives in Colorado and Jeff and I live near them all! My older brother, his wife and their two daughters live in Denver, and my older sister lives with her husband and three daughters in Fort Collins. I’m glad we see them regularly and spend time with them whenever we can.

We feel so lucky to have five amazing nieces and a new nephew on the way! This child will have many cousins to play with and a large extended family ready to welcome them with lots of love.


We bought our house five years ago, and we adore it. It’s spacious and cozy. The backyard is large and perfect for a tree fort in the future!

Other features of our house that we love:

  • our large garden full of veggies
  • a sunny family room with windows
  • a 1950’s kitchen with a family booth
  • a massive finished basement with tons of space and games

Our town has top schools, art programs and exhibits, parks and playgrounds. We live close to Colleen's siblings, who are always willing to lend us a hand. Plus, our state is so pretty that many of our friends and Jeff's family visit often!

We love our state and town and the dreamy Colorado weather. Even the snow we get is the stuff of greeting cards. We're a 30-minute drive away from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Our prime location allows us to get the vibrancy of city life whenever we want (which is often). We can easily rest in our lovely smaller town and relax whenever we need (which is also often).


Colleen is a wonderful theatre teacher and she inspires me every day. With her joyful attitude, caring spirit, and witty sense of humor, she spreads joy wherever she goes. She is like the Energizer bunny, accomplishing so much in one day! Colleen's students look up to her. She is magically able to get 50 awkward teenagers to create amazing pieces of art.

Last year, Colleen directed seven plays and wrote two scripts. A life-long learner and bookworm, she read 18 new books, took up jewelry making, learned ukulele (well… a bit…), took a dance class, and learned to knit.

As a mother, I know she will inspire this child to pursue their passions and develop their individuality. When Colleen visits her nieces or works with her students, it is obvious how much they adore spending time with her. Her supportive nature and kindness immediately shine through.

Top things I adore about Colleen:

1. I look forward to our future.

I want to achieve so much more with Colleen by my side. She is very supportive of everything I do. I've never met a more caring person (aside from my mother).

2. Colleen is extremely passionate.

Colleen is excited about the world and all of the opportunities she can create. Her optimism and passion are contagious.

3. We constantly make each other laugh.

She has an amazing sense of humor and a very quick wit. I often catch myself laughing at a joke she told hours later.


Not only is Jeff a fabulous visual arts teacher for tons of adoring students, but he is also amazingly talented at every new skill he picks up. Lucky for his students and me, he's incredibly generous about sharing his skills. He is always up for taking on a new project and exploring new things.

Last year Jeff, remodeled our bathroom and expanded the garden. He also built a side patio, perfected his rhubarb cobbler, and learned to play the piano (we call him Elton Jeff). And the list goes on and on!

I know Jeff will make a brilliant father. When sharing our adoption hopes, our nieces exclaimed, “Wow, what a lucky kid.” At school and at home, kids naturally love being near Jeff. He radiates fun and relates to children with honesty and love. I look forward to him sharing everything he knows with a new child.

Top things I adore about Jeff:

1. After 10 years, I still smile like a love-struck idiot around Jeff.

Seriously, he puts a goofy smile on my face instantly. His humor, his humming, and the playful look he gives me when he comes home are the daily things that light up my entire heart and soul.

2. Jeff does everything with love and kindness.

He cooks, bakes, renovates and gently nudges me towards my goals. He is by my side through thick and thin.

3. Jeff is the best snuggle buddy ever!


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Education: Advanced Degree (Jeff), Advanced Degree (Colleen)

Adoption Preferences: African American, African American/Asian, African American/Native American, Asian, Asian/Hispanic, Asian/Native American, Bi-Racial, Caucasian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Native American, European, Hispanic, Hispanic/African American, Hispanic/Native American, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islander

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