Joel & Kelly Jean

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Joel & Kelly Jean

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We’ve always dreamed of having a big family. In our infertility, we’ve come to realize that growing our family the “traditional” way wasn’t what God had in store for us. We have dreams of showing our children the amazing world they live in, of reading books together and watching sci-fi movies. We look forward to seeing the joy in their eyes as they experience new things in life. Our family is an accepting one, once you’re a part of our family, you are fully a part of our family. We want your child to always feel like they belong, are deeply loved, and wanted (and they certainly are).


We met at a Bible study and connected over a common interest in photography. We stayed distant friends for a few years. Then, Joel moved and Kelly Jean walked through a difficult season at work. Through those changes, we became close friends, realizing that when we supported one another we could seemingly deal with any of life’s struggles. A short time later Joel asked Kelly Jean to court. We found that we both love sci-fi, Disney, theology, learning, museums, and great food (Joel makes the best wings). We enjoyed each other’s humor and just loved being around each other. Joel proposed in front of Cinderella’s Castle in the most magical place on earth, and Kelly Jean said yes! Our support of each other was how our relationship grew and remains a crucial part of our marriage today. Our marriage becomes stronger each year that we are together and, in more ways than we ever expected. We always stand up for each other. We want to enjoy one another our whole lives and display for our children what a good marriage looks like, so they see how spouses should work through difficulties and listen to one another.


Joel is passionate about everything he does.He is a hard worker who would do anything to make sure we are loved, provided for and safe. Joel always looks for ways to express his love - whether it’s taking out the trash, listening to me talk about my day, or just leaving me a sweet note.

In his free time, he’s probably playing with technology of some sort - making our home ‘smart’ or working on our home theater/ arcade.Joel started building computers with his dad when he was young. The enjoyment of creating computers and playing with them has never left. This year he and Elijah built their first computer together.

Where Joel really lights up is as a dad! He is committed to being present in Elijah’s life. He never misses anything important to Elijah - doctor’s appointments or holiday performances. He always takes time to listen to Elijah and keep his promises to him. Joel is the best at soothing bad dreams and helping conquer fears.


When I met Kelly Jean, I was immediately taken aback by how smart she was and her passion for her work delivering babies as a nurse midwife. She’s just as invested now as a stay at home mom to our son.She enjoys deep conversations and loves to figure things out with me. What I love most about Kelly Jean, (besides how beautiful she is) is that she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and help me fix or build something. On top of all of this, she is an amazing cook!

Kelly Jean is the BEST mom. She’s constantly thinking of ways to teach Elijah new things and share fun activities such as cooking, baking, or lightsaber battles. Kelly Jean will be a fierce advocate for your child, as she is for Elijah, making sure he is treated and treats others with respect.


Elijah is five years old. He’s our little infertility miracle thanks to lots of prayers and a little science. He loves all things trucks, cars and dirt. Elijah loves playing outside on his new playset and looks forward to his gymnastics class each week.

At bedtime we love snuggling up with a Bible story and books. We share the best and hardest parts of the day and then sing songs before hugs, kisses, prayers and lights out.

Elijah is SUPER excited about becoming a big brother and adding a baby to our family.He likes to announce to random strangers that we’re getting a baby at our house “soon.” He thinks the baby should sleep in his room so he/ she would never “cry or be afraid of the dark”.


We live in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado - only a few hours from the mountains. We enjoy year-round sunshine, snow capped mountains, local deer visiting our neighborhood, and watching the seasons change.

We just built our home last year and we loved designing it to fit our growingfamily. Our open kitchen has become the gathering place for our family - for baking, cooking, science experiments, crafts or just hanging out.

There are many kids to play with on our street. We have 2 playgrounds in walking distance as well as our playset in our backyard that we play on frequently.Our neighborhood has a pool with a shallow area perfect for little ones in the summer and a cozy fire pit for roasting marshmallows in the cooler months. When we aren’t hanging out in our neighborhood, we love family outings to the air and space museum, the zoo or the nature and science museum.


Nana & Papa time is much anticipated by Elijah. They share our love of Disney and can’t wait to see the magic in your child’s eyes on our next family trip together.

Papa loves putting his woodworking skills to good use while working with Joel on projects around the house. Uncle Nick and Aunt Amy live in Montana with 4 year old cousin, Wyatt.

Grandma and Grandpa love their 3 Kerry Blue Terriers. In fact, Grandma shows them at dog shows around the country and they have stacks of ribbons! Grandpa is a retired decorated Air Force Colonel. Uncle Cody has walked in his footsteps and is currently active duty military, living overseas with Aunt Sarah and new baby cousin Jace.

Both Grandma and Nana take joy in making quilts for us. Elijah already has a stack he sleeps with every night. They’re excited to rev up the sewing machines for another new little one.


A favorite family tradition in Joel’s family is writing clues on Christmas presents. For example, socks might be written “to ‘don’t get cold feet’ Joel from ‘warm and cozy’ parents.”

Christmas also means Grandma’s special gumdrop cake.

Kelly Jean has brought her fond memories of making gingerbread houses and baking around the holidays into our family.

Nana and Papa often join us for a candlelight Christmas Eve service.


We have a strong faith in God, and hope our children will grow up with a love for books, a desire to learn and a heart to reach out to people around them that may be hurting or in need. If this also resonates with you and the dreams you have for your child, we would like to join you on this adoption journey and pray that as you make these hard choices you find peace in your decisions. We’re excited for what the future may hold and we look forward to meeting you.


Ethnicity: Caucasian
Education: College Degree (Joel), Advanced Degree (Kelly Jean)
Religion: Christian
Adoption Preferences: Asian, Asian/Hispanic, Asian/Native American, Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Native American, European, Hispanic, Hispanic/Native American, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islander

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