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I cannnot imagine what you might be feeling in this moment. However, I can tell with this major decision that you are brave, strong, courageous, and caring. I am honored that you are taking the time to consider me to join you in this journey. I trust you will follow your heart and that, no matter what you decide, it will be the right decision for you.

I am 33 years old and being a mother of two has always been my dream. I have centered my life and career on my love for children. Being single creates difficulties with having children. In high school, the doctors told me that my chances of having my own child is very unlikely and the little chance they did give me, would be at high risk. Since I've always known that I wanted children and was blessed with my first. I have found adoption is a way to fulfill my dream as my son was also adopted at birth. In the following pages I hope you get to know more about my life, my family and all the love I have to offer. My family is also a large part of this journey, offering my brother and dad as strong and positive male role models.


Some people wonder why I have chosen the path of wanting to be a single mom. I have always loved kids. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a teacher and a mom. In high school I met the love of my life. In order to follow our career dreams, we decided to go our separate ways during college. However, even though we were apart we continued to plan what life would be like together after college. Then everything changed when we found out he had T-cell lymphoma, which is a rare aggressive form of cancer. Little did I know that I would lose him in 2007 after a very short battle with cancer. After this I have never found anyone who has made me feel the way I did when I was with him. I have a letter from him, that I have kept in a frame and it tells me that no matter what I should never give up on my dreams, as he is always with me. My dream has always been to be a mom, so I decided to follow his advice to go after my dream.

With this process, I have not only been blessed with feeling his presence with me, but also having the support of family and friends. My parents live close to me and are very active in my life. When I began the journey to be a mother, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to provide a loving, stable home for my family. I took my teaching degree and my experience with children to start my own in-home preschool/daycare. This has allowed me a stable income to provide for my family, and to still be home with my kids. I have been very lucky that the families who attend my preschool/daycare are like my extended family. A couple years ago, I was honored to adopt my son who is now 2 and part Hispanic. When we arrived back in CO my daycare families were right there to welcome us home and offer their love and support. All of my families’ fathers are very active in the day-to-day activities with daycare and have developed a unique bond with my son. A few of my families have boys that are now older and have started school, but they still come back to see my son or join us during school breaks. This has given my son another set of role models aside from immediate family.

I am lucky that my children will grow up similar to how I did, with grandparents close by and able to be a major part of their lives while they grow up. My son is already looking forward to working on cars with Papa and cooking with Nanna. I also have an older brother who lives in another state, he is my son’s Godfather and stays active in his life.

I have a strong network of friend who are from a variety of races and backgrounds. I have a couple of friends who are also single parents. We have formed a strong connection and know that we are there for each other. My best friend is married and has two boys of her own. She lives very close to me, she is one I know I can call anytime and she will be right there to help out. It is nice to be able to draw upon all of these people to be a foundation to build my family on.

Being a mother is my dream. I want people to know that just because I am single I am not alone in this journey.


  • Background: Born in South Dakota, Raised in Iowa, Live in Colorado
  • Education: B.A. in Elementary Education & Liberal Arts; Endorsements in Early Childhood, Special Education, Reading, Early Childhood and Special Ed, along with Coaching in 2008
  • Career: Licensed In Home Childcare and Preschool Provider, Prior 7 years as teacher for 3 year olds up to Kindergarten
  • Family: My Son: Traxton and 2 Cats: Relay and Cleo, my mom and dad who live in Colorado, my brother who lives in Iowa
  • Hobbies: Spending time with Traxton, working with horses along with riding, mountains, sports, church, arts & crafts

Becoming a mom has been the one of the greatest gifts. I have been blessed to have my son, and I would love for him to have a sibling to grow up with. Being an in-home child care provider provides me a stable job with the perks of being home to raise my kids. I love that this job allows me to watch them grow up, see all their firsts, and provide for them at the same time.

My mom also works childcare with me, which has allows flexibility in our schedules. Traxton and I use this time to do some special things such as gymnastics, library story hour, going to the park, or just having some US time. Spending time with my own children is very important to me.


Traxton came into my life through adoption, when he was born on September 28th, 2016. He is a very active and social child. He loves to explore, play outside, read, and be with others. Running an in-home childcare and preschool has allowed Traxton the opporunity to grow up with other children in the house. This has encouraged him to interact with other children, learn new skills, and has helped him progress at an amazing rate developmentally. He has participated in gymnastics, story hour and has gone on field trips with mom and family friends. Traxton has a lot of love to offer, and really wants to be a big brother.


I come from a small, but close family. I grew up in Iowa with my mom, dad, and brother Aaron. Aaron and I kept our parents busy with being in practically every sport in our small town. We were very fortunate to have our grandparents nearby and they were very involved in our lives. I have many great childhood memories including staying with my aunt and uncle, holidays with my grandparents, family vacations, and spending time with my cousin's family. So, family is very important.

My family has been very supportive and excited about my decision to adopt again. Not only will they be around to help out, they are anxiously awaiting opportunities to spend time with their second grandchild. Everyone is excited for the new family traditions & new memories that will be created.


I am located in the southeastern suburbs of Denver, which is known for its high quality of life that balances rural living with the opportunities of a large city. The community includes diversity, many families, along with residents of all ages. The area provides a lot of opportunities, activities, and growth. My neighborhood has many families living close by along with parks, trails, and a pool. My house is also located overlooking a green space and a mountain view.

My home is located in an area which has received the highest possible rating on educational achievement. This making our school district one of the top in the state. Our school district also provides families with many different opportunities for schooling including public, charter, magnet, on-line, or homeschooling.


Not only do I love my job, but it also has allowed me the opportunity to be home to raise my son. Having Traxton grow up with in-home childcare he has really excelled. The families that are in our daycare are like an extended family. My mom works with me which allows me flexiblity to be able to do one-on-one activities with Traxton. The daycare children along with their parents are very excited to welcome a new addition to our small daycare family.


Thank you for taking the time to look through a small snap shot of my life and the love I have to share with children. As you can see my son/children, family, friends, and animals are very important to me. However, the most important thing to me is my son and hopefully soon another child. I hope that someday soon my dream expanding our family will come true along with giving Traxton a sibling.

No matter your decision, I wish you the best of luck for finding a caring, loving, & supportive home for this child.


Ethnicity: Caucasian
Education: College Degree
Religion: Christian
Location: Colorado
Adoption Preferences: Bi-Racial, Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/African American, African American/Asian, Asian/Hispanic, European, Caucasian/Hispanic, Caucasian/Native American, Hispanic/African American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Asian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, African American/Native American, Asian/Native American, Hispanic/Native American

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